Venice Italy Balcony

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I was so excited when I found this lovely balcony with two windows in Venice. It was overflowing with small white petunias, begonia plants and vines. Petunias are actually native to Argentina but can be seen in most mild climates and are one of the most popular bedding plants in most Mediterranean homes. Most petunias will bloom throughout mild summers such as in Italy but do require deadheading to keep them going. The petunias on this balcony were particularly striking although they were all white (petunias come in just about every color) because they were trailing in mounds over the balcony rails. They really set of the white of the window trim and contrasted well with the dark reddish wall. Along with the petunias were begonias, but they were not blooming at the time. It is very common for Europeans to adorn their windows and balconies with pretty flowers and various plants. Even the tiniest window will have a pot of petunias, begonias or some other flowering annual. I'm not exactly sure what kind of petunias these are as there are so many different varieties. They could be a 'Wave' petunias as they are characteristic to trailing and spreading and the trumpet shaped flower is small. Calibrachoa or Million Bells look like tiny petunias, but are a different species. It's lucky that these have an awning above them because petunias that get rained on become slimy and mushy. When we were in Venice, it was summer (July) and it rained very little and when it did it was just a mild drizzle so I don't think these have to worry. Most petunias can tolerate hot summers and do need at least five hours of sunlight everyday, so by the looks of these in mid July, they are very happy petunias. This building is near Ponte Longo a bridge, and near the Sotoportego Fioravante ( meaning 'under the arcade' ).

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