The Juice Vendor

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The summer of 2014 we went to San Juan, Puerto Rico. San Juan is rich with flavors of the sea, cobblestone streets, and colorful antiquated buildings. The narrow streets are always bustling with cars and tourists. Street vendors of all kinds earn a living catering to the tourists and locals on the busy streets. The summers are hot and humid, but the beaches are tepid and pleasant to be in unlike the beaches in Europe which even in August can be chilly. The restaurants and buses in San Juan are mostly air conditioned so humidity is not a problem. Mostly everyone in San Juan speaks some English, but I still prefer to speak Spanish so I can practice. Inevitably though, I sometimes don't get my point across and end up speaking English any way. San Juan has a great bus transit system. Once you know what you're doing you can go anywhere in San Juan for a couple of dollars. Yes dollars. Puerto Rico is a Territory of the U.S. and uses our currency. We were in San Juan for two weeks and ate pizza more than anything else. The best pizza in San Juan is at Pirilo Pizza Rustica on Calle Forlaleza. The best seafood we found was at La Cueva Del Mar where we had deep fried fresh whole snapper (twice). I did have fois gras at Pikayo but it was terribly expensive and fantastic. San Juan, Puerto Rico was a wonderful experience. The painting above reminds me of the flavors of San Juan with lime, lemon, mango, papaya and blue Curacao.
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