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While in Venice a few years ago, we were on a vaporetto water bus when I noticed this couple sitting at an outside cafe. I'm always looking for a subject that is unusual. They looked like they were deep into a discussion and seemed indifferent to their surroundings. I noticed his pants were rolled up and he wasn't wearing socks which is unusual. She was wearing a long skirt and had her hair pulled back. With his beard and the way they dressed I felt as if I was looking at a subject in a Renoir painting. Something told me they would make a good subject so I took some pictures of them. It has a sort of modern Impressionistic style if there is such a thing. I love to create art with people as the subject or at least part of the subject, but they have to have a certain look to make the scene interesting. Of course it isn't hard to find a subject or interesting people in Europe, they're everywhere.

Information about Impressionists

Radicals in their time, early Impressionists violated the rules of academic painting. They constructed their pictures from freely brushed colors that took precedence over lines and contours, following the example of painters such as Eugene Delacroix and J.M.W Turner. They also painted realistic scenes of modern life, and often painted outdoors. Previously, still lifes, and portraits as well as landscapes were usually painted in a studio. The Impressionists found that they could capture the momentary and transient effects of sunlight by painting their subject en plein air. They portrayed overall visual effects instead of details, and used short "broken" brush strokes of their subject with mixed and pure unmixed colour—not blended smoothly or shaded, as was customary—to achieve an effect of intense colour vibration in the subject.

Impressionism emerged in France at the same time that a number of other painters, including the Italian artists known as the Macchiaioli and Winslow Homer in the United States, were also exploring plein-air painting. The Impressionists, however, developed new techniques specific to the style. Encompassing what its adherents argued was a different way of seeing the subject, it is an art of immediacy and movement, of candid poses and compositions of the subject, of the play of light expressed in a bright and varied use of color.

The public, at first hostile, gradually came to believe that the Impressionists had captured a fresh and original vision, even if the art critics and art establishment disapproved of the new style.

By recreating the sensation in the eye that views the subject, rather than delineating the details of the subject, and by creating a welter of techniques and forms, Impressionism is a precursor of various painting styles, including Neo impressionism, post impressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism. Source:wikipedia

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