Spanish Restaurant

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Barceloneta is an area of spain on the marina. There are restaurants and tapas bars on the main drag as well as tucked away in little alleys. As you walk along the tree lined Pla del Palau you will find row after row of restaurants, bars, cafes, enotecas and tapas bars. For us the best places to eat are the little tapas bars that are off the main drag. Enchanting alleys with colorful doors, windows and balconies almost always lead to a mouthwatering tapas bar. The restaurant depicted here is called El Rey de la Gamba which is a seafood restaurant but also has tapas. If you aren't familiar with tapas, they are little portions of food that are priced individually. My favorite tapas bar in Spain is El Vaso de Oro which is in a small alley along the Pla del Palau. Whenever we travel, I check the reviews on Tripadvisor. When I found out they had fois gras tapas I mapped it out. It was excellent. In most tapas bars there is standing room only but we were lucky to find a seat at the bar. Most hole in the wall tapas bars are frequented by locals which suits me as they usually know the best ones to go to. If it's crowded you know it's good. The painting above shows an empty dining room. We were inside for lunch where it was air conditioned while others wanted to sit on the patio.  While we were there, the dining room was mostly empty and the waiter was standing outside nervously waiting for diners to show up. Eventually several families (locals) came in and filled the room. They had tapas to start but ended up eating huge platters of seafood.
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