Santorini Cliffs

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View of Santorini cliffside homes on the Fira side of the island. This colorful city in Santorini is high up on a cliff facing the Aegean sea. 
If you are taking a Mediterranean cruise you will most likely end up in Santorini, Greece. If you take the cable car people mover you will end up in Fira as your first destination. As you walk up and down through the narrow and steep streets there will be plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from. We always try to find a place that serves a reasonably priced bottle of wine and light appetizers. Before we left to travel, I didn't really do my homework for Santorini, Greek restaurants. I don't know much about the food except that any fish dish will be really fresh as most Santorini businesses buy their fish from local fishermen.

We were in Santorini for just a couple of days as compared to Venice and did all of our dining on the ship. My main interest was sight seeing and getting photographs. We did find one restaurant that was interesting and met our small appetite needs. It's balcony faced the west which is not quite as spectacular as the east of Santorini that provides a great panorama view over a submerged volcano and the sea.

Santorini is a little daunting at first glance from the ship. Fira rises up from the sea almost straight up 260m high. Carved into it’s façade are white and pastel colored houses, churches and shops resting on stepped streets that run up, down and around all of Santorini. The only way to get there is to either walk, ride a donkey or take the cable car people mover. Riding a donkey may sound like fun, but everyone we talked to said forget it, you could get hurt as they can bump into walls while you’re hanging on for dear life. Walking is out of the question because you’ll be doing plenty of that when you get there. We took the cable car which in itself is a little scary because of the abrupt steepness. After walking around we decided it was time to just find a nice place to sit and have some wine and a bite to eat. We walked up some stairs out onto a balcony with linen covered wood tables. We could see all of the western panoramic scenes of Santorini.

The cable car system carries about 1200 people every hour and was constructed by Dopplemayr, according to Austrian regulations. The cable car travel system serves the way up and down from the Old Port of Fira to the town. The journey takes about 3 minutes. The system of the cable car in Santorini was created by Evangelos Nomikos, a shipowner. Evangelos Nomikos originally paid for the cable car installation. He realized the difficulties of both tourists and Santorini locals trying to reach Santorini by crude roads.
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