Santa Margherita Beach

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Santa Margherita beach is located on the Italian Riviera in Northern Italy. The Lido Palace hotel stands five stories tall with dark green shutters and wrought iron balconies looking over the Ligurian sea. This resort sprawling with palm trees and umbrellas is set apart by a white picket fence from the public beach next door. This beach is one of the finest that we visited. Almost any beach in Italy have rocks going right into the water. Here the beach is all sand and the water was warm. We were on the other side of the beach that is separated by the fence. This public beach is very crowded as any beach on the riviera in the summer.

Information about Santa Margherita

Of historic origins, Santa Margherita Ligure is today a little charming sea-side city, frequented by tourists who like to walk among the liberty buildings and plazas of the center, among the narrow streets of what were once the ancient hamlets Pescino and Corte, to the Basilica di Santa Margherita di Antiochia, a splendid example of Ligurian Baroque holding authentic masterpieces of the era, visit the splendid Durazzo villas and San Giacomo with fabulous terraced gardens facing the sea, and the Castello 16th century.

Capital of sports sailing, Santa Margherita Ligure is the site and scene of prestigious regattas such as the "Coppa Guido Prina" and the "Trofeo Pirelli" starring the greatest names in international sailing and make Santa Margherita, during the days of regatta, a celebration of boats, colors and sophistication.

In the evening, in Santa Margherita Ligure there are an abundance of choices among cafes and nightspots reflecting lights, music and atmosphere in the waters of the Golfo del Tigullio, where you will spend unforgettable evenings. Main historic sights in Santa Margherita include; The castle built by the Republic of Genoa in 1550 as defense against the increasing attacks of North African pirates. It was designed by the same architect of the Castle of Rapallo.
After world war I it was restored and entitled to the Italian victims of that conflict. Other sights include, the Basilica of St. Margaret of Antiochia, built from 1658 on the remains of a 13th century church.  Abbazia della Cervara, a historically relevant abbey on the road to Portofino, and Villa Durazzo complex, including two patrician villas, a 16th century castle and 17th century park.

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