Yuma Online Art Gallery, art by deb welcomes local artist Dorothy Rappel a member of Village Art Gallery as she joins us in sharing her paintings on the world wide web.

Good luck Dorothy



                          DESERT HILLS GOLF COURSE
                                   WATER COLOR/TRIPTYCH
                                   15X39 WITH FRAME




                       YUMA CONSERVATION GARDEN
                               ACRYLIC ON CANVAS TRIPTYCH
                                 8X20 WITH FRAME 


                                               FIRST PANEL OF TRIPTYCH


                                           SECOND PANEL OF TRIPTYCH


                                      THIRD PANEL OF TRITYCH


Village Art Gallery is a non profit art gallery in Yuma, Arizona. When you purchase artwork from a member of Village Art Gallery the profits help school students get the art supplies they need to participate in shows throughout the year.

Yuma Online Art Gallery art by deb features local artist Dorothy Rappel. You can support your local artists by visiting Village Art Gallery online or at the gallery itself.

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Yuma Conservation Garden History

When the land was donated to Yuma County by the U.S. Bureau of Land Management in the early 1950s, it was developed under the guidance of the fledgling Yuma County Fair Board. Along the way, several other public and private organizations stepped in atl critical times in the garden's history, donating labor, equipment, and funds to help keep the project alive and flourishing. Early volunteers Sam Dick, Alton Duke, Frank Deason, and Don McCain had the vision to collect the botanical specimens seen in the garden today. In 1987 the Yuma and Laguna Natural Resource Conservation Districts assumed stewardship for the garden and created the Yuma Conservation Garden Board to manage the facility. This board is represented by District supervisors, community leaders, and The Yuma County Fair Board. The garden is designated by the Arizona State Land Department as an Evnironmental Education Center and by the Arizona Game and Fish Department as an Urban Wildlife Area. The garden staff and board members hope to continue promoting awareness of our desert environment and encouraging responsible use of this natural resource.

The Yuma Conservation Garden is a 28-acre botanical garden and nature preserve featuring Sonoran Desert flora and fauna, a pond for wild and domestic water fowl, and a display of antique farm equipment. YCG is located on the northeast corner of Pacific Avenue and 32nd Street. The Sam Dick Memorial Outdoor Classroom is located in a natural ampeitheatre site and is available for use by Educational groups interesed in learning about our desert environment. We have site-sepcific lesson plans to be used by teachers at the garden. These meet the new Math and Science Standards and can be found at YCG features a tortoise enclosure, the home of Baloo, a 77-year-old desert tortoiseand Belinda. There are cotton tail and jackrabbits, road runners, dove, desert iguana, ground squirrels, humming birds, etc. A kit fox, ringtail cat, blue heron, turkey vultures, pelicans, and coyotes are among the wildlife seen at the garden. 

Yuma Conservation Garden provides services free of charge. Therefore, volunteers are actively sought on a continuing basis, and we appreciate and find uses for any skills, services and hours offered. Yuma Conservation Garden averages over 2,500 volunteer hours annually. Our volunteers include: Earth Team Volunteers, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Yuma County Adult Probation, FFA, Garden Clubs, and individuals. 


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