The painting above is a golfer on the ninth hole on the Mesa Del Sol golf course in Yuma Arizona.

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The video above is a work in progress. You can see how each stage of the painting takes place, from the initial drawing to the last details. An oil painting takes a longer time to dry between the different stages and can take several months to complete as compared to an acrylic painting.

About the game of golf

Golf is an extremely old game of which the precise origins are still debated. Many believe it first originated from Scotland, others think it was from the Netherlands, whilst some say no, it was from China. A game similar to golf was discussed in ancient Chinese records of the 11th Century and in Dutch texts of the 12th century. The Dutch talk of a game where players would use a stick to hit a leather ball. The objective was to hit the ball over distance (normally a few hundred meters), onto a target area.

However, golf as we know it today, is thought to have come from Scotland. A game known and referenced as gouf was discussed in a couple of laws from the 1500s. The laws actually outlawed the playing of the game. Numerous scholars believe that these laws aren't referring to the game of golf. They believe that it talks of a different game, more similar to hockey. There was another game played in the Netherlands, during the 1700s, in which a player swung various clubs with the objective of hitting a little ball in to a hole. The word golf derived from kolf, which means bat, club or stick. Visiting Scotland for a holiday and a few games of golf then check out Scotland's present day golf courses..

Golf courses haven't always had 18 holes. During the 1500s golfers would play 22 holes of golf off a narrow piece of land, situated along the coast of Scotland. The course actually had 11 holes but after completing them they would turn back around and play them again, in reverse order. In the mid 1700s two of the holes were considered to be too short, so they decided to merge them, creating 9 holes in total, giving a total round (up and down) of 18 holes. This golf course is known as the St Andrews Links course. The St Andrews Links course is believed to be the oldest golf course on the planet and many consider it to be the home of golf.

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