This is a photograph of a sunset from my backyard in Yuma. This part of my website is called MY BACKYARD but it is not just about my own backyard, it's about the backyard of Yuma and the world that I live and travel in. Here you'll find my own personal experiences and information about the places I travel to through articles and photographs. Click on the highlighted tabs above to visit more of my backyard.

This sunset view from my backyard is the third fairway of the Mesa Del Sol Golf Course in Yuma, Arizona. The 411 yard fairway has long meandering ponds on both sides that attract a variety of water loving birds. There are ducks, geese, herons, egrets, coots, cormorants, kingfishers and all kinds of other birds that I’m not familiar with. The most beautiful birds we get here are the Snowy Egrets. We see them everyday especially in one tree that they seem to love to roost in. It’s close to the pond where they can keep an eye out for fish. Of course there are other shore birds like the Curlew and ‘waders’ like the Sandpiper. Sandpipers are so cute especially when they dive near the shore for food and their little feet stick straight up in the air.

There are a lot of predator birds like hawks and ospreys that we can see from our backyard because of the pond. They love smaller birds and fish but they will go after anything, even small dogs. The Turkey Vulture takes care of any leftovers but they don’t actually kill other birds or animals. The Roadrunner is here all year long and they too will kill anything small enough including other birds. I think their favorite appetizer is a lizard. They love lizards like I love foie gras. Roadrunners are constantly coming into our backyard to prey on the birds we feed, so we chase them off but they always come back. Cats are also after our birds so we spray a hot pepper deterrent around the feeders which seems to do the trick for a while. Pigeons are a pest especially on the golf course during over seeding. They don’t come to our feeders as they can’t get at the seed because of their size.

So as you can tell, I really love where I live. We have an unobstructed view to the west from our backyard and can even see some of the foothills towards the east. There are birds of all kinds that keep us entertained as we sit and sip on a glass of wine from our back porch. My husband always tells golfers that we meet to wave as they go by or they’ll have to take an extra penalty stroke. Thanks for visiting my backyard and please come back as I take more pictures and videos over time. Debra






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