Yuma's Online Art Gallery, art by deb welcomes artist Maggie Anderson a member of VILLAGE ART GALLERY as she joins us in sharing her paintings on the world wide web.

 Good luck Maggie




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Information about San Clemente, California

San Clemente, California an ocean-front community that has a long and beautiful history, is located on the Pacific coast about 60 miles from Los Angeles and 50 miles to San Diego.

The area on which San Clemente, California sits today was not inhabited until approximately 1776 when the Mission of the San Jaun Capistrano was by founded Father Juniper Serra.  Both Indians and Spanish settlers began to build and inhabit villages in the locale. Though the property of this area exchanged hands on a number of occasions, not much building was done until after 1925. At this time, Ole Hanson, a previous mayor of Seattle, Washington, bought the property in the area. He felt it was just the spot for those who yearned for the "country" life and slower pace. He named the area San Clemente. He used the name of the nearby San Clemente Island. This island was named by its discoverer, Vizcaino The namesake was Saint Clement, who was the patron saint of November 23. This, of course, was the day Vizcaino had arrived on the island.

Hanson had all the buildings in the area use a classic Spanish style utilizing the red tile roof which was characteristic of the Spanish influence. Hanson completed his magnificant Spanish Colonial Revival home in 1928 and named it Casa Romantica. He promoted the city, which he called "San Clemente by the Sea", successfully to many others who purchased properties here. The City was incorporated on 27 February 1928. The city maintained its lifestyle and slower pace until an event occurred in 1969 that brought the area national attention. This was the year in which President Nixon purchased a mansion in town which he designated the "Western White House."

The growth and view by others of San Clemente, California was great after the 60's, though the small town atmosphere for which it was known did not change. It continues to be a great place to live and raise a family. It is a stable, as well as balanced, community, which exhibits much local pride. The residents love to claim they have the "world's finest climate."

The San Clemente Island Loggerhead Shrike is an endangered species that the Navy is taking steps to protect. The San Clemente island fox is and indigenous pecies. Feral goats roamed the island of San Clemente for centuries, reaching a population of 11,000 in 1972, when their effect on indigenous species was realized. By 1980 the population had been reduced to 4,000. A plan for shooting remaining goats was blocked in court by the Fund for Animals, so the goats were removed with nets and helicopters. The San Clemente goat is a recognized breed of domestic goat. The coves around the island are visited by snorkelers attracted by the abundant sea life, including sea lions, spiny lobsters, hydrocoral and kelp forests.

The flora of the island includes some plant species found nowhere else in the world. These endemic species include the wildflowers San Clemente island brodiaea, San Clemente island triteleia, San Clemente island woodland star and San Clemente island Indian paintbrush.


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