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In this painting I portrayed members of the rat pack in the late 40's...however, the rat pack didn't really get it's name until the sixties. The 40's was a romantic period of songs with a heart and crooners like Frank Sinatra sang them to his fans with all the charisma and male charm a man could give. He personified the bad boy with his roguish ways of fast living through gambling and boozing but that just gave him more character and popularity. Most of the movies I remember Sinatra in portrayed a troubled guy or a playboy, but he always won our hearts in the end. The most dedicated Sinatra fans in the 40's were the bobby-soxers...teenage girls and young women clad in pleated plaid and poodle skirts along with lacy ankle socks and saddle shoes.

The 40's was a time of war and romance...after all, who knew if their lovers or husbands would return from the war. Some of the best black and white movies were made in that time and people still listened to radios and went to movie theaters to see their favorite idols on the silver screen. Besides Sinatra, one of the idols in my painting is James Dean who is standing outside looking in at Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Jr. playing pool. Though he didn't start his career in the movies until 1951, I felt he belonged in this legendary painting along with Sinatra, Martin, Sammy and others. Marilyn Monroe is sitting in the soda shop putting on lipstick....her timing is a little off too since she made most of her movies in the 50's and 60's. But I felt she belonged because after all she was part of the rat pack later on and one of the greatest movie legends of all time. Ava Gardner is also in my painting sitting in the soda shop next to Peter Lawford. Ava Gardner married Sinatra in 1951 and the two divorced six years later so I had to include her. An interesting tidbit about Sinatra and Gardner; they supposedly drove through Palm Springs, California shooting out streetlights and store windows with a gun in the dark of night. Whether that's true or not, my painting has plenty of street lights and windows if they should get the urge. Even though they divorced they always remained good friends and Ava described Frank Sinatra as the love of her life. The soda shop is owned by Jerry Lewis who is depicted as a soda jerk. I felt that was fitting...and after all who could think of Dean Martin without his sidekick Jerry? I hope you enjoy my painting. Debra Chmelina

Personal life of Frank Sinatra

Frank Sinatra married childhood sweetheart Nancy Barbato in 1939. They had three children together—Nancy (born in 1940), Frank Sinatra Jr. (born in 1944) and Tina (born in 1948)—before their marriage unraveled in the late 1940s.

In 1951, Sinatra married actress Ava Gardner. After they split, Sinatra remarried a third time, to Mia Farrow, in 1966. That union, too, ended in divorce (in 1968), and Sinatra married for a fourth and final time in 1976 to Barbara Blakely Marx, the ex-wife of comedian Zeppo Marx. The two remained together until the death of Sinatra more than 20 years later.

In October 2013, Farrow made headlines after stating in an interview with Vanity Fair that Sinatra could be the father of her 25-year-old son Ronan, who is Farrow's only official biological child with director Woody Allen. In the interview she also acknowledged Sinatra as the great love of her life, saying, "We never really split up." In response to the buzz surrounding his mother's comments,  Ronan jokingly tweeted:: "Listen, we're all *possibly* Frank Sinatra's son." Source; http://www.who2.com/bio/frank-sinatra/

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