Boat with Seagulls

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This rusty old shrimp boat has caught more that it's catch and is heading home after a day at sea. The seagulls follow hovering and swooping down in the hopes of getting scraps that get throw out to the sea. There are many different kinds of boats and different ways of fishing in the sea. Most commercial fishermen use nets as more fish and shellfish from the sea can be caught all at once. I saw this boat on a summer day in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of Naples. Many Europeans make their living from the sea as so many countries are mainly islands or at least partially surrounded by the sea. A lot of restaurants will have their own boats docked right outside the dining patio so you know you're getting the freshest fish or sea food available. Birds also depend on the sea for food as these seagulls demonstrate The whole peninsular of Italy together have almost 5,000 miles of coastline and over 800 ports built especially for fishing boats. Even so the fishing industry has taken an economic dive. Part of the reason is that most boats just aren't modern enough for deep sea fishing and struggle to meet the demands of consumers. There is also a decline in the growth of traditional fishing rights based on a countries EEZs (Exclusive Economic Zones). You wouldn't think that politics could effect this rusty old shrimp boat depicted in my painting, but just as a man fishing off a pier needs to have a license and is allowed so many fish, so is the commercial fisherman. The 200 mile limit zones extension have effected the over 50,000 fishermen in the Mediterranean making it especially difficult to keep up with consumer demand. It's not the fishes fault, they don't know how far they can swim before they are allowed to be caught by another country's fishing boat. The Law of the Sea Treaty is an ongoing controversial political quagmire that effects the everyday lives of people that depend on the sea for a living. I wonder how long this rusty old shrimp boat can keep up with the times.

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