This first backyard video is my attempt at trying to capture birds in nature. A hawk and a little yellow finch are the main attraction. The hawk was after something in the pond just outside our gate and kept circling. The wind was very strong that day and if you look closely you can see the hawk flying against the wind in one place while he flaps his wings fiercely to stay in the air. The hawk looked like he was going to stay for awhile so I went and grabbed my camera. I had no time for a tripod which would have cut down on a lot of the shaky parts. He was up there for quite some time but the hawk never made an attempt to catch his prey. He went away for a while so I just stayed there and waited.

While I was waiting for the hawk to return I watched for some activity from the other birds around the feeders. We have a Saint Francis of Assisi feeder that I made out of cement. The seed goes through his head and comes out his chest into a bowl with a cage on top (to keep out the large birds). He protects and feeds the birds at the same time.

I’m always on the look out for birds other than common sparrows and grey finches. Every now and then we get orioles and yellow finches but they don’t seem brave enough to go on the sunflower seed feeder with the other common birds. We have a thistle feeder but don’t use it anymore because the price of thistle is outrageous. When we did use it several years ago we got yellow finches all the time. Now a couple yellow finches visit almost everyday but don’t stay around very long. I was very surprised to see one actually taking a bath in the waterfall while I had the video camera in hand. Birds are just adorable when they take a bath. Sometimes when birds see other birds taking a bath they’ll join in. Birds of a feather you know. The hawk came back and I got some more shots of him soaring through the wind but it’s really hard to keep a camera steady on a moving subject without a tripod. The video is a little shaky but on some computers (like my husband’s) the images look like they are completely breaking up. If that happens to you try using Firefox or Chrome to view the video. I used Chrome on his computer and it was much better. If you want to hear the birds chirping and the water in the waterfall just turn on you speakers. Thanks for visiting. Debra

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