These are some photos I took in my backyard. I built the waterfall and my husband and I did all the landscaping ourselves. Click on the images to enlarge.

My backyard is a very special place to be. I created it for beauty and from beauty. From every bush to every tree, my backyard is every part of myself. We built our house on a fairly large lot of nothing but sand. After the plans for the house were made, we started to work on the backyard landscaping. We soon found out that we were in a flood zone so we had to excavate a great deal of sand in the backyard as well as the front. I decided to put up a retaining wall (see the photo near the end of the slideshow) to elevate the top from the bottom. It turned out better than I expected. By creating layers of elevation it added more beauty and drama than if we had kept both the backyard and the frontyard flat. This was an example of the old saying, “When someone hands you lemons make lemonade”.

Today when my husband and I sit out on our patio I think of all the things we did to make it so nice. Even though it was designed to be low maintenance we have to keep working at it as nothing stays the same. Sometimes there is an irrigation failure or a plant just dies, but we find another solution and usually it comes out better than what we originally planned. We have a schematic drawing of all the pipes, irrigation lines and landscape lighting cable that we installed ourselves. When something goes wrong, we fix it ourselves. The good thing is that we don’t have to depend on a landscaping company to do our work. We can do the simple things, the tedious things, but together we get it accomplished.

Part of the beauty of sitting on our patio and looking out is that we know that we did it ourselves. We see the progress of the plants and small trees and know that we served in a part of their survival to make our backyard something to be proud of. As we watch the birds come and go from our feeders and our waterfall, we know that we have contributed to the beauty of nature.

I just wanted to share the beauty that I see every day with all of you and I hope you will be inspired by my photographs. As time goes on I will be adding new photos. We have all kinds of birds that visit us but they won't always wait around for me to take their picture so please be patient with me. See you next time. Debra

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