Afternoon in Venice



This genre scene depicts a couple of European tourists sitting outside at a table in the late afternoon in Venice. Venice, Italy is filled with hole in the wall cafes and bars where the patrons sit outside. Scenes like this are very common in Venice but what sets this couple apart is that they could be from another century. Their clothes are simple....her with a long skirt and him with rolled up pants and a beard look as though they could be in a Renoir painting. While in Venice a few years ago, we were on a vaporetto water bus when I noticed this couple sitting at an outside cafe. I'm always looking for a subject that is unusual. They looked like they were deep into a discussion and seemed indifferent to their surroundings. I noticed his pants were rolled up and he wasn't wearing socks which is unusual. She was wearing a long skirt and had her hair pulled back. With his beard and the way they dressed I felt as if I was looking at a subject in a Renoir painting. Something told me they would make a good subject so I took some pictures of them. It has a sort of modern Impressionistic style if there is such a thing. I love to create art with people as the subject or at least part of the subject, but they have to have a certain look to make the scene interesting. Of course it isn't hard to find a subject or interesting people in Europe, they're everywhere.

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