My Name is Debra Chmelina. Most of the paintings in my art gallery depict the simplicity of life. Whether the subject matter is created from my imagination or a photograph, I try to infuse realism in a painterly manner. Oil is the medium of my choice in my hand painted work as it can be applied in layers and is most suitable to the impasto technique of painting as well as being the medium most used for long lasting quality art. The Digital watercolor paintings in my gallery depict different countries and their colorful cultures through bright bold colors. Because they are digitally created, they can be printed to larger resolutions.

  When I was young my studies of art history included visiting many museums in Europe and the United States. Now that I’m older I travel with my husband and we include museums in our itinerary, but it’s the beauty of antiquity and charming villages and the people in them that inspire me to paint.

Though most of my gallery depicts original paintings, photography has always been and still is a part of my art. I first learned about proper lighting in photography during my years as a publisher. In those days I would use strobe lights and bounce light umbrellas on site to create ads for my clients. Today I still use bounce lights and the finest cameras to photograph my paintings and my subjects. Photographing my art in a professional manner allows me to offer my paintings as art prints, posters, giclees and greeting cards. My work is photographed to the highest resolution to insure that you will be satisfied with your order. My experience with portrait photography allows me to capture the details I need to create a portrait with any background and turn it into original hand painted artwork that will make a lasting impression on family and friends. Working in conjunction with Fine Art America I can offer thousands of frames, mats, and canvas wrap combinations of my art in different sizes. Thank you for visiting my site and I hope you will enjoy it.

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